Christmas Quilting Fabric

Christmas quilting fabric is one of the most popular quilting fabrics known for its decorative charm. It is considered to be a novelty fabric. Christmas quilting fabric provides a retro feel with the funky colors and trendy ornament designs. It is an ideal choice for gifting it to someone. Christmas fabrics help you decorate your home for a lively holiday.

In order to maintain the fabric of the Christmas quilts, it is essential to use it properly. Some of the following tips will help you choose colors that can give a bright look to your Christmas quilts:

  • Try to incorporate only pure primary and secondary colors, so that it can produce a vibrant Christmas quilt.
  • Complementary colors should be used in Christmas quilts, as they offer true value to the fabric.
  • You can give a soft effect to the quilt by using two colors placed next to each other on the color wheel. For example, placing red and orange next to each other.
  • You must ensure the accurate depth of the color, as it suggests how far or close a color feels. It is observed that warm colors like red, yellow and orange always gives a closer feel as compared to colors like blue, greens and purple.
  • Use black or white as base colors. Black can dim the effect of other colors whereas white helps to brighten them in almost every situation. Black and white can be used as filler materials or runners.
  • In order to suit to the occasion like Christmas, try to opt for soothing colors that can give a cool and calm effect. Mostly blue, green and purple should be used to achieve this effect. In case you increase the amount of white in cooler colors then they are likely to appear somber and sad.
  • Warmer colors like yellow, orange and red proves to be stimulating and exciting. It helps to brighten the ambience of a room. However, if you want to have a bright quilt on your bed, you should choose Christmas quilting fabric with bright colors mixed with a tint of white. It helps in toning down the striking brightness and makes them more soothing.

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