Pictures of Quilts

One look at the collection of pictures of quilts and you will be filled with awe. If you are thinking of starting your next quilting project, then before you begin, it would be better if you had a look at some of the manificent pictures of quilts. These pictures of quilts are sure to inspire you to create a Morning Star quilt of your own.

Here are a few quilting techniques that will make it easier for you to stitch a masterpiece. There are four quilting techniques that are used commonly for masking quilts. The first one known as European style hand quilting is an elaborate and intricate method, which may take up to several weeks to complete. It is done using threads, which are similar in color to that of the fabric of the quilt. The second is the Lakota style that is symbolic to the people of Lakota and Cheyenne. In this style of hand quilting, arched fans are stitched in an overlapping fashion all the quilt. These concurring circles, which form a self-pattern, give the effect of clouds floating across the quilt. Sewing machine quilting is another quilting technique, done by sewing straight lines all over the quilt. Very often, stitching is also done along the outlines of Native American symbols like the medicine wheel. For stitching on the top, invisible quilting thread is used while for the bottom ordinary cotton thread is used. The fourth quilting technique, which is used by a majority and is the oldest style, is the Old Style hand tying method. It is the quickest way of finishing a quilt. This is done by taking a stitch using a crochet twine. When it is threaded through all the layers of the quilt, it is knotted 4-5 inches apart from each other, on top of the quilt. These quilting techniques give the desired finishing touch to a quilt and usually are a matter of your choice.

Once you have succeeded in making a quilt, it is important that you follow some important cleaning and storage rules. Some guidelines that will help you to keep your family heirloom in good shape include washing it gently with a mild detergent in lukewarm water. Dry it in a dryer or spread it out on a flat surface. Avoid dry cleaning or using a lint roller. Don not wring or squeeze the quilt to drain the excess water. Fluffing also helps to clean it. Lastly, it roll it and wrap it in a bed sheet and then store it in a cool and dry place.

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