Quilt Duvet Cover

Duvets are a type of bedding that is like a soft flat bag filled with feathers or down or a combination of both and it is used as a blanket. Duvet originated in rural Europe and people used to stuff it with duck feathers.  But today you can find duvets stuffed with wool or polyester instead of the traditional duck feathers. Although these beddings are very popular in Europe, they are  becoming all the more popular in other countries too . There are duvets with coverings that can be removed and easily washed and maintained. Materials like cotton, polyester, wool or suede are used for making these covers. Any cover that goes over a blanket, comforter or on a quilt is known as a quilt duvet cover.

The reason behind the popularity of duvets is that they are not only warm and comfortable but making the bed also becomes easy. You can use duvets as a single cover instead of a normal comforter, bed sheet or quilt, popular worldwide. Beds that are equipped with duvets usually have a fitted or flat bed sheet first and then the sheet is covered with a duvet. Comforters and duvets are considered to be similar although comforters are slightly different. Traditionally, a comforter is decorative while a duvet is used for keeping warm. In some parts of the world people refer duvets as a “Doona” cover. You can use Quilt duvet covers for keeping yourself warm in bed. These covers come in various patterns and can be washed. If you are planning to decorate your little girl’s room then you can get a 100% cotton quilt that flaunts appliqués of a carriage, fairy, castle or other princess designs with a beautiful duvet cover. Match this with similar color and pattern print sheets, bed skirts and pillow shams along with other accessories to give a fairy tale look.

You can also get the quilt duvet cover for queen size beds. These can add a lot of functionality and beauty to your house. Many bedding manufacturers have started offering duvets as a part of their bedding assembles. You can purchase quilt duvet covers as part of the coordinated assemble with matching pillows, fitted sheets, bed skirts and other bedroom accessories.

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