Resources - JUST FOR FUN

Crayola: Web site of the Crayola Crayon Company. It is a wonderful site for kids with all sorts of fun and creative things for them to do (for us grown-ups too).

Dammit Doll: When you need to release some stress, make one of these dolls and go whap, Whap, WHAP!

Dave's Snowflake Page: Snowflake paper patterns

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred: Shows kids step-by-step how to draw cartoons

Jigzone: Like jigsaw puzzles? This site allows you to put them together online. Also, if you join (its free) you can turn your own digital pictures into jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Susan Druding has a jigsaw puzzle of African Trading Beads that you can play with online

Perpetual Bubblewrap: Do you like listening to the "pops" made when you squeeze bubblewrap? This this is the site for you.

Sand Art: You can create your own sand art "painting" and print it out.

The Joys of Womanhood: Just pokes fun at the trials and foibles of being a woman

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