African American Christmas

Enjoy African American Christmas In True African American Style

The African American Christmas decorations are in no way separate than the traditional way of celebrating the festival. The most popular characters of Christmas being Santa Claus and angels, the African Americans also take pleasure in Christmas decorations like tote bags, wall hangings, pillows, tapestry or the table runners.

If you want to celebrate Christmas in an African American style, then get ready to read African books.

Christmas Tree decorations

The African American Christmas tree decorations reveal the predominance of Christmas ornaments, which are usually painted in shades of black and red. The crafts are usually painted by hand and the details as well as the finesse that is used for creating these crafts are clearly visible.

The decorative ornaments also appear to be very unique and quite often you will find that a theme has been provided to the decorations, such as “Peace on Earth” or “Joy to the World”.

Give your African American Christmas tree a tree topper that will be bringing before your eyes an African nativity scene. You can also decorate your tree with the angel tree toppers coming in colors like red, green and orange.

Santa Claus

Figurines of black Santa Claus and black angels are very much prevalent in the African American Christmas decorations. The very original concept is Santa Claus represented with a cowboy hat and a pair of jeans. You can get your traditional Santa Claus but in an African American essence.

A conventional African American kind of Christmas decoration also includes the set of seven candles that is used for the celebrations. The sharing of gifts and cards are also quite popular in the African American Christmas celebrations.


In case, you want to do something new, just try to find the information about the African American Kwanzaa, the celebration of which stretches from 26th December to 1st January.

Just enjoy your Christmas in the African American manner. You will find it to be an innovative and different experience altogether.