African American Doll

Buy An African American Doll If You Are Fond Of the African American Girl Features

The African American doll is popular by the name of “Barbie”. This world famous doll, Barbie (Barbara Millicent Roberts) first officially appeared in March 9, 1959, amidst the middle of the Civil Rights Movement in the US.

Appearance of a Barbie African American doll

The doll was a tall, American fashion doll with a good figure; it had been modeled on the German Bild Lilli doll that first appeared in 1955. The Lilli doll was more like a working girl who did not fear to achieve what she desired no matter what it took. The Barbie dolls quite resembled these dolls.

The blue-eyed, blond Barbie doll manufactured by Mattel was soon sold in a series, due to the favorable response received by this type of African American doll.

Barbie’s modern cousin

The year 1966 was a witness to the birth of the Francie doll, which was introduced as the modern cousin of Barbie. The doll looked like the shorter version of Barbie, with the only difference being a splashy and colorful wardrobe. However, this brunette, dark-complexioned cousin of Barbie was not a favorite with the African Americans; thus, the doll was discontinued in 1976.

Barbie’s first black friend

Christie was the first black friend of Barbie; this doll was introduced in 1968. The Steven doll was introduced as the friend of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken and as the boyfriend of Christie back in 1988.

Features of an African American doll

With the coming of Christie, it was clear that the African American dolls had better racial representations. All the dolls were pretty; they only differed in their skin tones, which ranged from light to dark and their hairstyles, which ranged from short and straight to long and flowing dreadlocks.

The facial features of these dolls were similar to those of the African American women. The shapes and sizes of the doll’s eyes, chins, lips, cheekbones and foreheads were all equal to those of the real African American girls.

Things to look for while purchasing the African American dolls

When you are purchasing an African American doll, be careful to consider the doll’s condition and then always ask for a receipt. You would be clever to ask the retailer for a detailed inscription of the African American doll, which includes its age, condition, origin and the price that is being paid for the doll. The inscription must also show where, from whom and when the doll was purchased.