African American DVD

African American DVD

An African American DVD will have the essence of the African American life and culture. Needless to say, the DVDs will be portraying the African American people in a manner so that they are able to relate themselves with the depiction.

What follows is a short review of the 5 most popular African American DVD titles; so, just grab a view:


The African American DVD called Life is a poignant comedy that has comedy as well as drama interwoven into it. The DVD follows the life of two criminals who are handed life sentences. The DVD depicts that how the criminals come face to face with the perils of jail life and learn to value life. Having a new set of rules in jail, the two criminals learn to develop a strong friendship bond that helps them to cope with the harshness of daily life in jail.

The criminals in quest of a positive side to their jail time go on helping the lives of other inmates.


This African American DVD reveals a century long story that portrays a family right from the time they are brought to the United States as slaves till the time they experience emancipation. If you are interested in the early history of the African Americans, this movie will be a treat to watch as it gets you completely hooked.

Nelson Mandela: Journey To Freedom

This is another popular African American DVD and it depicts Nelson Mandela – the man who fought his entire life for ending apartheid. This biography instills in the viewer a passion to follow the cause of equality. You will find that the biography follows the interviews, documents and news articles in support of getting the accurate picture of Mandela, the one who vanquished apartheid.

Our Friend, Martin

Our Friend, Martin is an African American DVD that makes use of the animation power of cartoons. This movie will take you on a trail in the past and enable you to experience the times that Martin Luther King Jr. lived in.

The movie is a vehicle for a pair of six graders who get the first hand experience of the civil rights movement and the segregation. Though the movie appears to be uplifting and heart wrenching at times, it is a must see for you if you really want to know what the civil rights movement faced in the past.

The Color Purple

This famous African American DVD tells the story of a woman, who grew up in the south and was, forced to marry a cruel man. She develops a close friendship bond with two women, who help her rekindle her self-respect. This wonderful film throws light on the virtue of forgiveness as a redemptive power. The story of this woman is followed through the decades of her life, and it is lovely to see the invigoration that she draws upon for living her life.