African American DVDs

African American DVDs

The African American DVDs take you on a ride through the African life and their struggle against racism. The DVD films are a mix of comedies, animations, real life stories, women emancipation and contribution of the great leaders in uniting the blacks.

African American DVDs – A Glance At The 5 Most Popular African American DVDs

The first DVD is very popular with people of all ages. It is titled ‘Our Friend, Martin’. The movie takes the viewer back to the times of Martin Luther King Junior. The movie is all about the civil right period, which brings to life the heart wrenching tales and social turmoil that every person had to experience. In gist, the story is about a pair of six graders who experience segregation and civil right movement first hand.

The next DVD reads ‘Life’. The cream of the story is about two criminals who have been handed life sentences. They confront comedies and drama on their life sojourn to capital punishment. After they are put behind the bars, they realize the value of life. They now face a new set of rules and this enables them to cope with the harshness of daily life in jail.

‘The Color Purple’ is another movie depicting the true colors of the African American. This is one of the most invigorating African American DVDs. It reflects the story of a woman growing in the south. She is being forcibly married to a cruel man, but eventually she finds respite from the pent-up situation after she develops relationship with two women and reignites her self-respect. The film in overall shows the redemptive power to forget and forgive. Her life story is very inspiring, which gives the inspiration to move on in life.

This is one of the most popular African American DVDs – ‘Nelson Mandela: Journey To Freedom’. It is a gripping tale of the most important life journey of Nelson Mandela, the reformist who moved the nation to its principles. His life biography invigorates viewers to pursue the cause of equality. The book incorporates interviews, documents and news articles to paint the accurate picture of the man who dispelled apartheid.

‘Roots’ is another very popular DVD. Alike the many tales in Africa, this is ranked as one of the best African American DVDs that reveals the story of a family when they were brought to the United States as slaves, until they tasted the seeds of freedom. This is an interesting and thought provoking movie for those millions of people who are interested to know the history of African Americans. Hence, the African American DVDs have a story to relate and you will surely find them fascinating.