African American Figurine

African American Figurine

Americans love to shop. From apples to zwieback cookies, there’s something out there for everyone. When enough of us start shopping for things of a similar nature, a niche market develops, which caters to our specific interests in lieu of the broader market.

Since the early 1980s, the niche market for African American memorabilia has enjoyed enormous growth that matches the growth of the African American middle class. With discretionary money to spend on private treasures and home décor items, the shops and other retail outlets providing items to this lucrative market are becoming more specialized and more abundant.

One very popular home accessory is the African American figurine. For an incredibly long time, items depicting an African American were usually in caricature or presented in a supposedly amusing, but derogatory nevertheless, fashion. Fortunately, there are much more appropriate options available these days.

There is an African American figurine available for all occasions and people love them. Cherished family members, such as grandparents, are depicted in statuettes of all sizes, right alongside other figurines of fathers, mothers, and children of all ages.

Pick an occupation and you can pick an African American figurine that matches it. Nurses, doctors, firemen, and musicians are just a few of the many occupation-themed figurines available.

Hobbies are represented, too. You can find an African American figurine playing golf, tennis, gardening, reading, or doing just about anything a person would want to do to pass the time enjoying pleasant leisurely pursuits.

Are you an Ella Fitzgerald fan? James Brown? Richard Pryor? There’s an African American figurine available in the likeness of great African American performers of all genres.

The church is an integral part of the lives of many African Americans and there’s an African American figurine for every member of the congregation. You can find ministers, choir members, and church ushers right alongside a figurine of black Jesus and angels galore.

Ready to tie the knot? Top your very traditional wedding cake with an African American figurine of the happy newlyweds.

Africa is a culturally rich and diverse continent. There’s an African American figurine that represents peoples from all the great African nations in tribal dress, engaged in traditional activities.

It’s easy to decorate your home with ornaments and figurines that are honest and tasteful reflections of your style, your heritage, your choice.