African American Flags

African American Flags

You must have seen the African American flags flying high in HBCU campuses, atop African American churches, African American businesses and even individual African American homes. There is a nice anecdote about the birth of the African American flag. It was at the 1991 African American Banquet that the necessity for the flag was first felt by Tonya and David Harvey (of Baltimore, Maryland) while they were singing the Black National Anthem. They took this decision to have an African American flag that would symbolize the very spirit, the meaning of the anthem.

The Purpose of The African American Flags

The flag was conceived to represent the values of past, present and future African American generations. Those who customized the flag wanted it to enrich and inspire the lives of the African Americans until eternity.

The purpose of the flag was to propagate positive and non-political principles amongst the crowd. The colors, the decoration and the whole concept of the flag embed the seeds of prosperity and liberty in the minds of the African Americans. The real objective behind the whole concept was to activate a renewed sense of purpose in the minds of the Afro-Americans.

The motto of the flag runs “Persevering Through Time”. Hence, the words are the greatest inspiration to dispel fear from the minds and boost a sense of responsibility and dignity in every single individual.

The Meaning of Colors And Signs of The African American Flags

The colors prevailing in the African American flags are white, red, black, blue, green, purple and gold. The flag has a big star, which has gold flashes of light encircling it. The gold flashes symbolize love, perseverance, knowledge and spirituality. The purple bar on the flag represents the regal history of African Americans. The flag has a green stripe, which stands as a symbol of abundance and the gold stripe on the flag represents the richness of Africa.

Spread across the African American flags, the white, blue and red stripes symbolize the definite role that African Americans have been playing and will continue to play for the development of the US. The eight-pointed black star stands for each African American individual and its presence is an assertion that “Black Stars can Shine Too”. The eight different points of the star represent eight different virtues namely ability, aspirations, community, family, individuality, nobility, righteousness and scholarship.