African American Group Travel

African American Group Travel

African American group travel is meant for black Americans. The term Black Americans generally refers to U.S. citizens who are for the most part descendants of Sub-Saharan Africans brought to the U.S. as slaves. There is also a minority of Black Americans who voluntarily migrated to the U.S. from Africa, the Caribbean, South America, or elsewhere at a later date.

There are African American Group Travel companies that specialize in group travels for black Americans. These tours are organized keeping African Americans in mind. The locations included in the tour are mostly those having a significant presence of people of African ancestry. In each location, you can choose between an educational and adventure tour. One of the main goals is to make African Americans aware of the collective African culture of which they are a significant part.

If you are an African American, these group tours will give you an opportunity to discover new aspects of African culture. You will see for yourself how Africans have influenced and shaped lives of societies in different parts of the world. Or if you are a part of a business group you may find new ways to market your product to people who share different cultures. The possibilities for discovery are truly endless.

The number of African Americans who are traveling in groups is steadily increasing. Reasons could be sightseeing, cultural events, reunions and numerous other occasions. A survey by the Travel Industry Association of America showed that African Americans were nearly three times as likely to travel in groups compared to the general population. Black Americans are also traveling more frequently.

Destinations covered by the African American Group Travel tours generously dot the map. Tour plans are offered for trips within the U.S. Destinations in the U.S. include Hawaii and Alaska besides numerous locations in continental U.S. Outside of U.S., destinations include Brazil, Jamaica, Puerto Rico. Recently some African American Group Travel tour operators have started offering tours to Hawaii, London and Israel.

Lately, the National Association of Black Scuba Divers founder Albert Jose Jones, has organized trips to Barbados, Costa Rica, Belize and Panama. In June, a nine-day dive trip to Fiji is being arranged, where the group will hold a health fair for the local community, providing information on how to monitor blood pressure, do glucose testing and other tips.

Travel, it is said, broadens the mind. As an African American you might also be spiritually elevated after seeing how your people, hardly noticed and rarely talked about except in demeaning circumstances, have struggled against all odds, to earn their place living in the midst of hostile societies all over the world.