African American Hair Styles

African American Hair Styles

With the styling tools and products on the market today, African American hair styles can achieve just about any look desired. All hair types, however, have special needs and typical African American hair is no exception.

With every hair type, there is a range of textures that come into play but, for the most part, appropriate treatment is the same. African American hair is typically very dry, brittle, and tightly curled. These characteristics make African American hair very delicate and special handling is required.

Many African American hair styles call for some rather harsh treatment and maybe even some harsh chemicals. There should be no problem with these fashionable looks if the hair is healthfully maintained between stylings. Even the most carefree looks require special handling.

When working with African American hair styles, a wide-toothed comb or pick will work best (and the least painfully) with the tight curls characteristic of African American hair. Some styling experts recommend using combs and picks as wide as possible.

You’ll also want a natural bristle brush to optimize the luster of your hair. Everybody’s scalp produces oils that help moisturize the scalp and hair. These essential oils get caught up in the tight curls of African American hair and a natural bristle brush will help distribute them to the ends of the hair shaft more effectively than a synthetic brush.

All African American hair styles will be best achieved when hair is healthiest. Because the curls of the African American minimize the oil distribution to the ends of the hair shaft, it is essential that a hydrating shampoo be used. Ingredients in hydrating shampoos will lock moisture in the hair and draw moisture from the air, minimizing the brittle, dryness that makes hair prone to break easily.

It is very important to shampoo only as needed in order to maintain healthy African American hair. The more frequent the shampooing, the dryer and more brittle the hair will be. Wash the hair once a week and use a daily moisturizer between shampoos for the prettiest locks.

When you do shampoo, follow up with a leave-in moisturizer that will make the hair easier to comb and will trap moisture in the hair’s shaft, making it stronger and more supple.

Regardless of which African American hair styles you favor, remember to purchase only the products labeled for use with African American hair. Some labels will specify they are formulated for curly hair but this doesn’t necessarily mean curly African American hair.

African American hair is beautiful and many versatile styles can be achieved but it must be respected for the type and texture that it is. Handle it wisely, treat it with respect, and enjoy its beauty.