African American Items

African American Items

There are a myriad of African American items, which are always in demand. The choices are many –from wigs to dolls, skin care products to hair care products, quilts to books, cowrie shells to glass beads, cake toppers to DVDs, paintings to ceremonial masks and a lot more.

African American Items – Some Details For You

The wig happens to be one of the most sought after African American items. You can choose the wig made of straight hair or curly hair; again, you can go for braids or dreadlocks. Nevertheless, you should be careful about the quality of the strands of hair used in the wig. Remember, that there are many different wig cuts, lengths, styles, colors that are available you can choose from.

African American dolls and figurines are great collector’s items. When purchasing an American African doll, you should consider a few things like the condition of the doll, when you are buying it and certainly the cost of the doll. To bargain, you should ask the seller in detail about the doll, starting from age, origin, condition and the price. Remember, rarity, age and general demand will also affect the worth of the African American dolls.

Quilts too are listed among great African American items to be collected. Textile weaving has always been one of the greatest skills that Africans American women have been praised for and if you want to take home a keepsake of their culture, take home an African American quilt made by the women.

Coming to books, they are excellent items and make great Zawadi offerings. Cowrie shells are considered one of the precious African American items. They are worn as necklaces or are used for decorating the wedding gowns. Cowrie shells are in great demand because they are seen as symbols of fertility.

Glass beads and trade beads are great African American items that one can collect. Trade beads may now be past stories but they still happen to be an important segment of the African American history.

The African American ceremonial mask is considered one of the most interesting African American items. The masks are available in an assortment of choices and they are worn during the dance performances. You can get masks of human ancestors or totem ancestors, or some other types of masks that carry special significance.