African American Man

African American Man

The African American man represents the black community, who are the citizens of the United States. Their ancestors actually hailed from the lands of sub-Saharan Africa. Most of the African Americans are the descendants of those captive Africans who once suffered in slave trade.

A Glance at The History Of The African American Man

The African Americans had to suffer a long time, until they achieved freedom from slavery. The blacks were tormented unjustifiably and insufferably for plantation and developmental purposes. The 17th century was the hard time and the blacks almost lost their identity. However, quite interestingly, today’s free African Americans in their long struggle for freedom have gifted some brilliant jewels to the society.

Some of the African American exponents whose inventions have influenced the society to a great extent are mentioned below. However, there are so many whose names have not been included but their contribution to society has been immense.

The African American Man – His Gift To The Society

Banjamin Bannekar, born in 1731 was a great Mathematician, essayist, astronomer and an inventor. He was a blessed person and contributed greatly to the society, for which he is still remembered. He was the first to make a wooden clock, which kept a precise time till the day he died. It was the year 1791, that Benjamin first started publishing an almanac and continued its publication till 1802. During the anti slavery movement, he was the famous pamphleteer. With his gift of profound knowledge and amazing ability, he became the advisor to President Thomas Jefferson.

Whitney Moore Young is great African American man, who actively participated the National Urban League from 1961 to 1971. He also played an influential role in persuading America’s corporate elite to provide better opportunities to the African Americans. He also worked with President Lyndon Johnson on civil rights and anti-poverty program during the 1960s. He was the torchbearer for the African American community and he organized the Community Action Assembly to fight poverty of the Africans Americans.

Granvile T. Woods is also a great African American man. Born in 1856, he went on to become an electrical inventor. He was the person who was responsible for bringing massive development to modernizing the railroad. He invented a wide range of appliances, which were sold to the American Bell Telephone company and the General Electric Company.

His ‘Induction Telegraph” was the most remarkable invention, which was used to move trains. One of his most interesting inventions was the ‘Synchronous Multiple railway telegraph’ used to avert accidents by keeping each train informed about the whereabouts of the other train. Surely, his invention rationalized the railway industry and he is still remembered as the father of invention.

George Washington Carver is a grand African American man to be remembered as a gifted inventor. Mr. Washington made some amazing discoveries, such as bleach, tar remover, metal polish, wood filler, shaving cream, rubbing oil, plastics, linoleum and the list goes on. However, he was the first African American man to have the U.S. Federal Monument dedicated to him after his death.