African American Museum Dallas

African American Museum Dallas

The African American Museum Dallas beckons knowledge seekers from round the world. It is a storehouse of antique pieces, all African American items, collected from every corner of the globe. The African American museum is basically devoted to the preservation and display of African American artistic, historical and cultural remains of the yesteryears.

The African American Museum Dallas with its rich collection is the Solomon’s mine. The items in the collection have each a different story to tell. Undoubtedly, the museum proves to be a meaningful experience for people of all ages.

A wide range of visual art forms and historical documents on display speak about the horrendous experience of the African Americans in the South West, United States and in Dallas. The rich heritage of black art is well preserved in the four vaulted galleries; make the best use of the library to enrich your knowledge. The museum has a separate studio arts area, a theater and even classrooms.

African Museum Dallas and Its Praiseworthy Collection

The museum’s historical, political, social and magazine archives are to name some of its permanent collections. Since the initial days, African American museum Dallas has been one of the prime centers hoarding African American folk art pieces.

The museum has a wide collection of artifacts, which includes traditional and contemporary African American arts, such as sculpture, masks and textiles. The African American folk art collection is the richest grandeur that the museum boasts of. It includes the works of Clementine Hunter, George White and David Butler. Music also holds a significant place in the museum.

The archive gallery makes for a perfect overwhelming and thrilling experience. It includes papers of prominent African Americans from the Dallas and the Texas, records depository for the Bishop College, photo archives of 43,000 images, archives from Freeman’s cemetery collection and Dallas county black political archives.

The library section of the African Americans museum Dallas has the sea collection of books and articles from various dates and is the perfect place to enrich your knowledge. The section also has a collection of African American slides of the African American art. Most important of all, the library is open to all in the operating hours.

The facilities provided at the African American museum Dallas are innumerable and you can take full advantage of its impeccable service and arrangements. The museum stands on the 38,000 square feet ground and has sufficient space to house the various sections. Interestingly, the museum holds educational programs for the benefits of the children.

It will be not an exaggeration to say that the African American museum Dallas is an acknowledgment, an appreciation of the influence that black culture has successfully produced in contemporary society and culture. Its role in shaping up the entire black community cannot be doubted.