African American Prom Hairstyles

African American Prom Hairstyles

All girls like to dress up from time to time, putting on the glitz and playing up the glamour to the fullest possible degree. Lucky for us, prom night offers the perfect opportunity to transform our everyday selves into our most enchanting dream selves.

On prom night, we get to wear dresses, jewelry, and make-up that would be perfect for the red-carpet treatment anywhere. And we get to enjoy some dazzling hairstyles that serve as the crowning glory to our new, beautiful looks.

Some of the most sought-after African American prom hairstyles can be borrowed from the many beautiful and talented African American performers in the spotlight these days. Beauties such as Tyra Banks, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah, Beyonce Knowles, Shondrella Avery, and Thandie Newton are frequently seen dressed to the hilt and setting fashion trends for girls of every race.

Prom night is often a night to try a very fancy look, replete with jewels, tiaras, and other glamorous hair accessories. It’s always a good idea to take some time long before prom night to try these looks. You’ll want to practice a time or two to find just the perfect look before assembling the whole look for the big night.

African American prom hairstyles don’t have to be overly fussy, though. Depending upon the dress you plan to wear, and your own personal style too, a more natural look is highly acceptable. The beautiful Nubian goddess in you might look great in a perfectly coiffed Afro or an ornately designed cornrow braid.

Today’s hair fashions for girls of all races include color, too. Once upon a time, hair color products came only in colors that matched the natural color spectrum of human hair. Today, however, there is no limit to the color treatments from which to choose. Eve, the red-haired diva of the world of rap, might be the inspiration for a striking new color dimension to African American prom hairstyles.

One thing to remember about prom night – no matter how beautiful we look, we still want the guys to like us. Boys are intimidated by beautiful women and a look that is too contrived may make them uncomfortable. Shy, even.

Remember to keep your look glamorous and fashionable, but touchable, too.