African American Scholarships

African American Scholarships

Horace Mann was a white abolitionist and reformer of the American education system in the first half of the 1800s. He grew up in Franklin, Massachusetts, living in a terrible state of poverty doing hard physical labor that took an early toll on his health. He satisfied his insatiable desire for books at the small town library founded by Benjamin Franklin.

He later became an educator, member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and a state senator. He served on the school committee for the nation’s first free public school, funded by tax dollars. He strongly advocated this system of school funding because it would bring education to everyone, not just the upper classes that could afford an expensive private education.

Often called the father of education in America, Mann is famous for making the oft-quoted statement that “education is the great equalizer.” This belief led to reforms in the country’s education system and allowed public education for all.

Unfortunately, education at a higher level than the public system is still a very expensive endeavor. There are, however, any number of grants, scholarships, and endowments available for most students interested in pursuing education on a graduate level.

There are many African American scholarships available to students of African descent, just as there are to students of most ethnic groups. The trick is to find them.

One major source of African American scholarships is the United Negro College Fund, which helps students of all races achieve a higher education. This highly respected program offers educational funding and other sorts of assistance to interested students.

Other sources of college funding can be found in local civic organizations such as the Lions and Rotary Clubs. Many large companies provide scholarships and tuition assistance for their employees and their families. Church groups often provide money for congregation members graduating from high school with college on their agendas.

Often a student with an aptitude for a certain discipline or the interest to pursue an education in a particular field can find funding by the industry-related associations governing these industries.

College can be a daunting endeavor for anyone. Funding it adds to the challenge but don’t be discouraged. There is assistance available and your high school counselor or college advisor can be tremendous helpful in securing some of these funds for your benefit.