African American TV

African American TV Programs Are Popular The World Over

The African American TV has made an indelible mark on the television in America. Since the evolution of television, the African American directors, actors, newsmen, producers, innovators and women have been contributing their talents. The African Americans were engaged in enlightening, entertaining and inspiring the television audiences of various backgrounds for ages.

Names of famous African American personalities are woven with news, entertainment, comedy and other fields of the African American TV, which have gained popularity all over the world.

African American TV – In the world of entertainment

The African Americans are busy entertaining the world through the charisma of Oprah Winfrey, Robert Johnson, Michael Jackson, etc.

America is so much influenced by Oprah Winfrey, that when she says buy, people really get buying and when she says donate, people indulge in donating. Winfrey has the merit of providing coverage to everything ranging from self-improvement, entertainment to social justice, and all the time revealing heart and mind in her talking.

She has gained popularity by sharing her own story, covering topics on anything under the sun and revealing her personal philosophies on the meaning of life. You simply cannot ignore the significance of Oprah Winfrey and her shows.

The importance of Robert Johnson lies in the fact that he has been able to gift the African Americans their very own Black Entertainment Television.

Can you think of anyone who has made a better mark on video music with the coming of the MTV age than Michael Jackson? None at all. He is the King of Pop and he deserves to be that. Whenever we think about path-breaking music videos, Michael Jackson always flashes through our minds. Can you deny this fact?

The Arsenio Hall Show is a late night show and this major African American TV show reflects comedy and hip-hop style in the true African American spirit.

African American TV – In the world of comedy

Good times were the first situation comedy (sitcom) that provided America a peek into the poor African American’s family life with its resemblance to life anywhere.

Diahann Carroll was the first African American woman to get the lead in a sitcom with the show Julia. She even received the Golden Globe for best TV actor for her role of a nurse and a widowed mom.

The Jeffersons was a show that depicted African Americans as well to do and the theme song ran, “finally got a piece of the pie”.

African American TV – In the world of news

Bernard Shaw, one of the first faces of CNN’s Washington coverage is popular for his tough and controversial interviews of presidential and vice presidential candidates and his coverage of American politics.

Journalist Ed Bradley, part of the most famous magazine of all time, 60 Minutes. He covered stories of pop culture icons and has also reported the war in Iraq.

African American TV is also notable for its drama also. African Americans are widely spread when it comes to television and the famous shows are the favorite with the entire world, including the Whites.