African American Wedding Accessories

Know About The Interesting African American Wedding Accessories

The African American wedding accessories are quite popular in the United States and other countries which have embraced people from all over the world. The wedding accessories marking the African American traditions were actually pretty interesting.

The various wedding accessories

The broom, (no you did not read it wrong) is one of the most important African American wedding accessories. Yes, jumping over the broom is a prevalent African American wedding practice that has its roots in Africa. The practice symbolized the beginning of making a home together. The handmade broom is made from stalks of straw.

The meaning of this “jumping broom” activity was more intense during the times of slavery in the United States, the African American couples were not allowed to legally marry; at this time, The African American man and woman jumped over the broom to declare their entrance into wedlock. One of the most important African American wedding accessories – the broom resembled the threshold of the Holy Land of Matrimony – it was meant to sweep away evil from the paths of the couple’s lives.

The broom is adorned with beautiful garlands and flowers, and the handle of the broom is tied with scraps of white cloth or handkerchiefs. The more you can personalize your broom, the better it will be. After the wedding, you can hang the broom right above your mantle in order to cherish the wedding memories with the passing of each day.

Among the African American wedding accessories, the ribbon also enjoys a significant position. The ribbons coordinate with the African American wedding colors and then there are also the artificial silk and satin flowers which match their wedding flowers. These are actually the African American wedding accessories that are used in the decoration of the wedding broom.

You will find a lot of African American brides wearing cowrie shell necklaces. The brides also decorate their attire with the cowrie shells. Cowrie shells are considered to encourage fertility. It will also be interesting to know that cowrie shells were once used as money. Today, these shells are used for the purpose of purification as well as a symbol of power and beauty.