African American Wedding Hairstyles

African American Wedding Hairstyles

Here it comes. The big day. The really, really big day. And it’s all about you.

Every eye in the wedding chapel will be looking at you, the beautiful bride. The center of attention, the focus of the event. This is probably the biggest day of your whole life.

No doubt your guests will remember that gorgeous smile that just won’t go away. And the look of love that dances in your eyes every time you look at your adoring new husband. And the lovely dress. And the flowers. The entire event will be fondly remembered for years by all who attend.

As exciting as it all sounds, there will be a million and one things to stress you out in the months leading up to this fairytale event. And, like most women, your crowning glory is your hair and you’ll want it to be perfect for the big day.

When pondering your look for this exciting day, you’ll want to consider the many options for African American wedding hairstyles. You’ll also want to consider which styles will work most attractively with hair adornments such as your wedding veil, tiara, and any other hair accessories you’ll be wearing.

When choosing the best of all the African American wedding hairstyles, you’ll also want to remember that you will be very busy on your wedding day and fussing over your hair will only add to the big-day jitters. Choose something comfortable that suits your hair’s texture and nature as well as something that suits your own sense of fashion style.

This isn’t the day to reveal a make-over designed to showcase a whole new you but if you want to try a style you’ve never worn before, do a trial run a month or so in advance. Scout out the best salon and hairdresser for the look you want. Schedule an appointment to have your wedding day hairstyle done a few weeks before the big day so you’ll have the opportunity to get the feel of it, try it on, before the last minute.

When choosing the most perfect of all African American wedding hairstyles, remember, too, your honeymoon destination. You’ll have plenty of other exciting adventures to explore in your new life together so think about how your wedding hairstyle can transition as smoothly and effortlessly as possible into your honeymoon ‘do.

It’s your wedding day. You’ve dreamed about this day all your life. You will be the center of attention but you’re part of a couple now. Don’t forget that wonderful man who’s asked you to build a life with him. Remember his preferences when you choose your wedding hairstyle. Choose something he likes, too.

After all, it’s his big day, too.