African American Art

The term – African American Art – is generally used for the art of the African American community. Specifically, African American Art is a comprehensive term that is often used to describe the visual arts of the American black community.

The African American is an ethnic community, which is also known as also known as Black Americans in the United States. The African-Americans are mainly the descendents of enslaved Africans transported from West and Central Africa to the States during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. They also include the recent immigrants from Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.

The African American Art is the art featuring the culture and traditions of African American community. The traditional African American art forms include painting, pottery, woodcarving, basket weaving, plastic arts, quilting, etc. The traditional African American art is the result of art forms developed by the earliest African American artists, who were mainly slave artisans working as potters, blacksmiths, cabinetmakers, quilters, basket makers and silversmiths. So, the traditional African American art manifests the influences of the cultural traditions of Africa, Europe and the Americas.

The Traditional African American Art was a result of evolution, because there were no schools and patrons to promote the earliest African American Art. However, the African American Art was able to develop its unique identity. Some of the earliest exponents of the African American Art from the period of 1773–1887 were G.W. Hobbs, William Simpson, Robert M. Douglas Jr., Patrick Henry Reason, Joshua Johnson, and Scipio Moorhead.

The African American Art became a well accepted school of art during the post civil war era. It was the sprouting time of the African American Art. The African American artists started creating and producing a large number of artworks for exhibitions in museums. Some of the most notable African American artists of the post civil war era include Edward Mitchell Bannister, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Edmonia Lewis, Grafton Tyler Brown, Nelson A. Primus, and Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller.

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