African American Cake Toppers

African American Cake Toppers

If you are looking for something classic and unique for your wedding cake, then you should go for the African American cake toppers. In the 1950s, it was a custom in US weddings to use diminutive figurines of the bridegroom and bride (in their formal wedding attires) as cake toppers; this represented togetherness. These days, however, some couples are creating cakes in their own style and deciding to have their personalized cake toppers.

Traditional African American Cake Toppers

The traditional concept of the bride and the groom standing tall on the cake, holding each others hand and wearing the wedding dress, veil and all, still holds the magic. However, with new and innovative concepts flowing in, the modern decorations of the cakes are making an impressive mark.

The wedding cakes falls in two categories – one, we may divide into the serious in nature type and the other we may divide in to the humorous or comical. As already mentioned, the traditional African American cake toppers will have the bride and the groom in their white and black dresses, with the real bride and groom preferring to wear the same for their wedding. Floral wedding cake toppers are also common with the traditional cakes.

Contemporary African American Cake Toppers

Creativity reigns supreme in contemporary weddings. This holds for cakes and cake-toppers as well. The African American cake toppers allow you to customize any special feeling for your family or your sentiments or any life story in a special way. You may choose the theme the way you desire, in order to convey any special message to your family or your fiancé.

Many young couples now prefer to go for the theme wedding and therefore they plan to have cake toppers based on the same theme. Nevertheless, be sure to go for the design that will complement your wedding plan. For example, if you plan to marry on the beach side, then you can go for the seaside jewel cake topper and the beach side bride and groom. Being the bride, if you choose the ‘princess’ theme, then you should definitely go for the castle cake topper or swan cake topper or heart designed cake topper.