African American Calendars

African American Calendars

The African American calendars have the African American essence – whether you speak of the themes and images incorporated in them. In spite of the predominance of the African American appeal, these calendars sell like hot cakes and the major retail stores that house these calendars do some real brisk business. In 2008, you will find over 25 titles for the African American calendars.

Some Of The Calendars In True African American Spirit

Tender Moments 2008 Wall Calendar:

This wall calendar presents a very youthful theme that shows life being full of tender moments. The engrossing pictures will compel you to stop and observe the incredible happenings that take place in our everyday life.

Civil Rights Movement 2008 Wall Calendar:

One of the best African American calendars, the Civil Rights calendar features biographies of a few people who fought really hard to bring about a marked difference in the lives of the Afro-Americans. Some famous names included in this calendar are Whitney Young, Bayard Rustin, Ella Baker and Andrew Young.

African American Poets, Painted Word 2008 Wall Calendar:

The is one of the must-haves, if you are really keen on having some African American calendars for your personal collection. The calendar has a mixed media collage named Furious Flower Portrait Quilt by Malaika Favorite. Favorite has artistically arranged twenty-four portraits of renowned African American and Diaspora poets for this eye-catching collage.

African Spirit 2008 Hardcover Engagement Calendar:

This African American 2008 weekly planner displays the colorful artwork of Bernard Stanley Hoyes on the cover in the true African American flavor. The planner is wire-bound and has a hard covering.

African American Art 2008 Wall Calendar:

This wall calendar is an acknowledgement of the unparalleled contribution of African American artists to Western art and even to the African American calendars.

The Black History Wall Calendar of 366 days:

The present-day African Americans in the US signify a population that is determined to build a new future, a new destiny not only for themselves but for the future generations. The 366 days’ calendar has photographs and words about famous personalities like Henry “Box” Brown, Shirley Chisholm, Stokely Carmichael and others.