African American Health

African American Health

News on the African American health front is not very good. The numbers of black people suffering from varied ailments are constantly on the rise. There are enough statistical evidences that reveal that the numbers of African American patients are on the rise and the mortality rate has also multiplied dramatically.

African American Health At A Glance

Black men have higher death rates than people of other races; hence, they have a bigger share in all leading causes of death. Cardiovascular disease is common amongst the black men. Other health statistics reveal that most of the black men are either over-weight or obese. Diabetes, prostrate cancer, stroke, homicide, unintentional injuries, HIV/AIDS, high suicide rate are the reasons for death mortality amongst the African Americans.

African American mothers receive less health care compared to their white counterparts. They are mostly diagnosed with cervical and breast cancers. Since they have very little access to proper health care, the mortality rate of the female gender is on the rise. In addition, infant mortality rate is the prime reason for degradation of health amongst the black.

Cancer is very common complaint with the African Americans and statistics indicate that the cancer-infliction rate is 10 percent higher among the blacks than among the whites. As the world knows, HIV and AIDS too have close connection with the blacks.

African American Health – Reasons For Deterioration

The African American health crisis is complex and the reasons for the outbreak of diseases can be traced to social and environmental factors. Nutritional deficiency and unhygienic conditions are the chief reasons for health problems among the African Americans. As doctors say, most of the African Americans live in the poor, undeveloped areas of the country, which is the prime reason for various health complications.

Another very interesting observation has been the finding that African American patients far outnumber African American physicians. To statistically represent this disparity, you will find that as against 13% ill African Americans, there are only 4% African American physicians in the US. This, in other words, means that African Americans have far limited access to proper health care facilities.

Of course, things are looking up now. A number of non-government African American Health organizations are now working to make medicinal help accessible to the African American patients.