Famous African Americans

Famous African Americans

There are a number of famous African Americans who have made their mark on various aspects of the society. Despite coming from an oppressed community, a number of African Americans have persevered and shone in their respective fields. Many have also proved to be pioneers, breaking new ground in areas like literature, art and sports.

Perhaps the most endearing factor about famous African Americans is that many of them have overcome overwhelming odds in order to succeed. Not only have they excelled in their field, many of them have also participated in the civil rights movements to help gain equal rights for African Americans.

Science And Superstars

It is a common belief among many people that the only famous African Americans can be found in the realm of entertainment or sports. The truth is that the African American community has made exceptional contributions with a number of technological advancements and inventions. George Washington Carver is perhaps best known for the vast number of agricultural inventions to his name and his refusal to accept a number of offers for his patents. Benjamin Banneker was an inventor who was self taught and invented the wooden match. He was also deeply involved in the anti-slavery movement.

The influence of famous African Americans can be seen in all facets of life. Madame CJ Walker went from being a laundry worker to the queen of a highly successful cosmetics empire. Langston Hughes is heralded as one of the best American writers ever and is referred to as The Poet Laureate of Harlem. Authors like Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou have also made an unforgettable mark in the field of literature. In the realm of sports, names like Mohammad Ali and Tiger Woods have become synonymous with excellence in their respective sports. In the field of movies and music, names like Michael Jackson, Sidney Poitier, Marion Anderson and Billie Holiday are legendary and they are noted to be pioneers for their artistic contributions.