African Animal Art

African Animal Art

African animal art mostly resembles the wildlife art in African culture. This kind of art is one of the earliest art forms that have existed since the prehistoric cave paintings. It reveals the relationship between man and nature.

African Culture and the Artform

African animal art has a very common theme – that of a male with an animal or weapon. This art honors the ancestors, as animal ownership in Africa resembles power and honor. In African art, the practice of sculpting a horse together with an ancestor honors the respected ancestor.

In African culture, the ownership of a horse signifies wealth and power. It is considered that riding a horse will be elevating the rider to a higher position in comparison to others. Note, that the same animal can be interpreted in different ways among the various African tribes.

Meaning of the African Wildlife Art

The African animal art carries many meanings, depending on which ritual it is being used for and which tribe made it. The numerous kinds of meanings that the African wildlife art carries makes it very much puzzling for the Western people to get the real meaning behind such an art. Symbolism is totally connected with the African wildlife art.

African wildlife art usually depicts the abundance of the surrounding nature. The art portrayed the abstract interpretations of plant life, animals, and the natural designs and shapes.

Animals In Wooden Carvings

African animal art is also known for its huge African animal woodcarvings that have been made from a single piece of wood, which brings before you different kinds of colored wood that finely depicts certain African animals, like the hippo, warthog, rhino, alligator and elephants.

Wooden Masks

The African wooden masks can be animal or human and are extensively found in west African art forms. The ceremonial masks in African art are used for initiations, celebrations, war preparation and crop harvesting.

African Animals

The word Africa brings to our mind the thought of wild animals. The most common of the animals belong to the cat species. From African Lions to Cheetahs, you will find all these wonderful animals right in Africa. The postures of all these animals are great material for the colorful African animal art.