African Art Paintings

African Art Paintings

The African art paintings are considered the most colorful and meaningful and most surprisingly, this style of art come from the dark continent of Africa. The paintings depict the real life story of the Africans and their culture and tradition.

The subject matter of the African art paintings revolve round the rural activities of the Africans, their cooking, caring for children and performing various daily activities. As you know that, wildlife plays a dominating role in the rich African culture. Elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions, and other rare species hold a special place in African art. You may find some paintings very realistic, while others may look quite abstract, but you will find the African art paintings truly awe-inspiring.

African Art Paintings Speaking Tales From The Land

Though referred to as the Dark Continent, this land has produced the most stunning and heart stirring images that the world has ever seen. To the world’s astonishment, the paintings from Africa have brought forth some thought provoking depictions of life. However, they are incredibly diverse in theme and compositions. Africa holds a rich history to reveal to the world and most of its art manifests the aura of the African struggle for their right and freedom. Most of the paintings mirror the chaotic political climate, while the other paintings offer a refreshing look at life and the vibrant environment.

The cave paintings are considered as some of the most astonishing areas among the African paintings. These carvings date back to an uncivilized world when men learnt to lit fire and eat raw flesh mildly steamed in heat. Amazingly, the tradition lives on till date. When you walk a little forward in time, you will find the cave paintings transformed into native peoples’ clashes with the European settlers. The African art paintings actually had their origins in these well-composed and artfully rendered rock paintings.

The renowned painters

African art has been under profound influence of Cheri Samba. Born in Congo, this man grew up to be a famous painter who brought to life the civil unrest and corruptions that once shrouded the Dark Continent. Zwelethu Mthethwa is another African well-known artist. His paintings are acted upon by the portrait of life. His themes mainly incorporate alienation and separatism. You can say that, his work is the true depiction of Africa’s dark era.

African art paintings speak volumes about the rich heritage and culture of the land. From strife to social unrest, to fascinating wild life and the simple village life – the paintings have craved the most remarkable niche in the art world.