African Art Pictures

African Art Pictures

African art pictures bring out the essence of the colorful life of this Dark Continent. The paintings depict the real story of the African struggle and culture. The aesthetic beauty of wildlife is reflected in most of the paintings, and this brings to life the vibrant African continent.

The Aesthetic Beauty of African Art Pictures

African art is diverse and varied in nature. People round the globe appreciate African art due to its intrinsic aesthetic value. There are different art genres, which depict the culture of that specific time, which inspired the art genre. However, in the African art genre, the themes are distinctly African, which are categorized into four assorted themes. These incorporate “a mother and a child”, “a couple”, “a male with a weapon and a child” and a “stranger”.

Most of the African art pictures are in oil and acrylic, reflecting the struggle of the South Africans. From moments of despair, hopes to struggle and death – the whole experience is depicted in the paintings. The art pictures manifest the crafty details of the village life of the Africans, which reverberates the culture of the African lands. Here, you find the colorful village with colorful huts, shacks villagers, folks on the streets, singing, dancing and making music to their hearts’ delight.

The Genres of African Art Pictures

  • A mother and child

    This is a common theme in the African art. It exemplifies Mother Nature taking care of the people, whom she treats as her children. The art manifest the real value that the African people bestow on motherhood and the relation between the mother and her child.
  • A Couple
    Couples in African art represents ancestors or founders of the community. Two denotes strength and honor and by reflecting the image of the two, it represented the importance placed on the two as one.
  • A male with a weapon and a child
    Animals have played an integral role in the lives of the Africans. The sculpture of an animal is done to signify the status of a person. Hence, for ages animals have been painted to show honor for departed ancestors. You should know that the Africans place a premium on animal ownership, since it signifies power, honor and wealth.
  • Stranger

The African art believes that a stranger is someone who belongs to a different tribe or country or a person who is considered unwelcomed. Those African art pictures depicting strangers, actually want to emphasize the physical difference, that is, the gap between the stranger and the tribe.

The African art pictures are thought provoking depictions of the real lives. It is widely known that, one of the best ways to understand a culture is by looking at the artwork that comes from it. No doubt, the African art pictures are a distinct mirror of the true African heritage and culture.