African Beautiful Women

African Beautiful Women

The old saying, “beauty is only skin deep,” is just not true.

Beauty presents itself in so many ways that simply ending the assessment of beautiful at the skin level is simple, shallow, and boring.

The many African beautiful women are a testament to this. We may refer to the race as a whole as black but that, too, is simple, shallow, and boring. There is such a lovely range of skin tones among people of African descent that it’s impossible to declare any one more beautiful than another.

Many people look to the fashion industry for the highest representation of beauty. Some of the African beautiful women in this industry are the prettiest in the world but their skin tones vary significantly. They are all of the African race, nevertheless. Consider Iman, Beverly Johnson, Tyra Banks, and Alek Wek. Every lady beautiful, every one black, every one different.

There was a time when the Miss American Pageant showcased the undisputed list of the nation’s beauties. The African beautiful women that have competed and won this event are all beautiful in their own right, too. Vanessa Williams led the way as first African American winner in 1984; her African American first runner-up and short-time successor was Suzette Charles. In 2004, the gorgeous Erika Dunlap won the coveted title.

The fashion industry and beauty pageants aren’t the only places to look for African beautiful women. No one can say women like Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Halle Berry, Diana Ross, and Beyonce Knowles aren’t beautiful. It’s also impossible to say their talents and contributions to society are only skin deep.

All these African beautiful women are multitalented and have contributed to American society in so many ways that are much more significant than their looks alone. Their high-profile lives and achievements have led the way for women of all colors to strive for better things in life.

It would be a shame to stop seeing the beauty of these lovely ladies by looking no more than skin deep. Their beauty surpasses shallow boundaries and is of much more solid, more beautiful, composition than meets the eye.