African Tribal Arts

Some Amazing Facts On African Tribal Art

African tribal art is unique in its form and structure. Mask is one of the most popular forms of African tribal art. These masks are widely used in traditional ceremonies and the masks have much to do with initiation ceremonies, rites of passages, fertility and the spirits of the ancestors. Such arts and ceremonies bring the African tribal people more closer to each other and they celebrate these art forms as ways of unity and fraternity.

Types of masks

Tribes are not just one in Africa – they are several. The form and shape of the masks differ according to the difference in taste and culture of each tribe. However, the masks can be differentiated from one another depending on the material which is being used to make them. A mask is a typical African tribal art and it is mostly made by making use of wood. The Warega tribe in Benin makes a kind of mask by using ivory. The people of Senufo and Ashanti tribe also make masks of brass. Other than these, African masks are also constructed by making use of shells, beads, knitted materials, basketry and other fabric type.

Masks as forms of African tribal art also differ a lot depending on the place or location from where they usually originate. For instance, masks of Zaire or Zambia were highly colorful with projected foreheads, large cheeks and small eyes. On the other hand, Tanzanian masks which usually belong to the Mekonde tribe look much more real and closer to life. These masks successfully depict the specialty and difference of each African tribe.

Different forms of African tribal arts

Tribal African art is successfully used for cross-cultural dialogs personal, therapies and also for direct communication and interaction with several divine beings and ancestors. Thus, the everyday life of the tribal Africans cannot do without art. Wood is the most popular material being used for several tribal African art and the wooden works were well decorated with shells, ivory, feathers, clay and metal.

Several art galleries both in and outside Africa wonderfully display authentic pieces of African tribal art and culture, which is quite hard to be traced in any other parts of the world.

The magnificent collection of African tribal art as showcased by several African art galleries include statues, paintings, ethnic clothing, textiles, jewelry, tribal masks, ostrich egg shell decoupage, djembes and figurines.

It is true that if you want to know more about African tribal art you surely have to go through its history, but the visual impact and the spiritual strength of these art forms have much more to tell you.

More abut African tribal art

This is a more diversified art form and at times it becomes extremely difficult for you to trace such unique art varieties. For this you can make use of a guide to several African art galleries and opt for your preferred tribal African art.

To know more about African tribal art you can easily get hold of books and literatures along with several online sites ready to provide you with necessary information on tribal African art. The available written guides, which will well escort you to the treasures of African art come in several languages along from English. This is a great advantage for those who come from other countries to have a view of several African tribal art collections.

A visit to several African museums and art galleries will enable you to have a closer look at several African tribal art collections. Remember, tribal African art is not just an art for art ‘s sake. It is in fact a tale of life quite unheard and unspoken.