South African Airlnes

South African Airlines

South African Airlines is South Africa’s biggest airline company that operates both the domestic and international sectors. It has hubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town. There are two airline services controlled by South African Airlines which are South African Airways (SAA) and SAFAIR.

South African Airways (SAA)

South African Airlines has been the most profitable airlines company in Africa but of late, the profits have declined. In the Afrikaans language, it is known as Suid-Afrikaanse Lugdiens (SAL). South African Airlines was started in 1934 and its flights were operating between Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Very soon, they started operating on international routes to Uganda and Kenya and they started their flights to England in 1945.

Features of South African Airlines

The service provided by South African Airlines is exceptional and the level of comfort on its seats is truly amazing because they provide 180 degree lie-flat beds. The seat pitch is 83” and the bed is 29 inches wide at full recline. Special sleeper suits are provided along with a special amenity kit. In-seat power supply is available for operating telephones, laptops, on-demand Sony audio and video systems and many video games. First class seats follow the Swissair pattern and the South African Airlines have achieved high rankings in recent surveys.

Personalized butler service with luxurious duvets and comfortable pillows are also the hallmarks of First class features of South African Airlines. Excellent food and wine service makes the travel a memorable affair. The aircrafts used by them include Boeing 747 – 400, Airbus 340 – 600s and A319s. Full bar service is provided in the First Class lounge along with luxurious shower rooms, reading and snooze rooms that are sound proof, a special room for smoking and all business facilities like computer, Internet connection and international calling facilities. The employees of South African Airlines are dedicated workers whose sole objective is to provide excellent service to the travelers. They are looked after very well by the management of South African Airlines.