South African Airways

South African Airways

South African Airways, which was founded in 1934, has greatly expanded its services during the past seven decades and it is now operating flights to almost all continents in this world including North America, South America Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

Great Incentives From South African Airways

South African Airways offer many cheap flights and package deals to attract more customers. For tourists who wish to see South Africa with a limited budget, South African Airways have some really good deals that will take care of your accommodation, sight-seeing, car rentals and the return air tickets. There are various types of packages that you can choose from.

Ticket Classes

South African Airways has a number of Boeing 747 – 400s which have three types of seat classes: First, Business and Economy. The prices and services differ from class to class but the common features include entertainment systems, personal televisions with video on demand, and movies along with many audio options.


The food and drinks are provided on board are of excellent quality. So, that you can satisfy your culinary desires and relax in the comfort of your seats. You can also do shopping on board and find many duty free items.


Besides the local destinations, South African Airways operate many flights to London, Hong Kong, Paris, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, New York, Washington D.C. and Perth. It also has many links with partner airlines. The hub of most international flights is Johannesburg whereas Cape Town is the hub for flights to Frankfurt and London.


South African Airways has a massive fleet of the latest aircrafts such as B707, B727, B747, B737-200, and B747-400s. Most of the aircraft have been named after geographical events and locations such as cities, mountain ranges, rivers and towns. However, the new aircrafts are not being given such names.

The aircrafts of South African Airways had an average age of 7 years in February 2007 and they have a good safety record.