South African Art

South African art is probably the beginning of African art as is evident from the cave and rock paintings that South African bush men created by exhibiting hunting of animals. Many scholars, however, believe that the origins of African art might lie in the rock paintings found in Ahaggar Mountains in Libya and Algeria. Irrespective of this controversy, it is amazing to find that the characteristics of the men in the rock paintings of South Africa have very strong resemblance to European, Asian and African features.

South African art is abundantly found with many contemporary artists working tirelessly to produce some of the most beautiful rock art in the world. The creative productions of these artists are collectively known as Art of South Africa.

History Of South African Art
The history of South African art can be traced back to art objects in the form of small drilled snail shells that have been discovered from a South African cave and these are at least 100,000 years old. These shells were most probably used for being strung on a string to form a necklace. The human species is characterized by its capability of making art and South Africa was the cradle of early human civilization.

South African art styles were also bolstered by the influx of the Khoisan/San/Bushman tribes that had moved into South Africa with their own fluent art styles that are evident in many cave paintings. The Bantu/Nguni tribes came next with their own versions of art forms and the evolution of South African art began on a strong note.

In the present times, many new types of art have come up in the mines and townships. The art forms have become more dynamic and many items are used from bicycle spokes to plastic strips. The process of evolution has been further strengthened with the folk art of hardy Afrikaner Trek Boers and its Dutch influence. This eclectic mix is still evolving and the future of South African art is certainly bright.

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