South African Food

South African Food

The wide variety of South African food is the result of the diverse cultures that exist in South Africa. Whereas some types of traditional South African food such as crocodile sirloin, sheep head and fried caterpillars might seem bizarre to some people, there are many who eat such food every day. For tourists and for some South Africans, there are many restaurants serving Chinese, Indian, Italian, Moroccan and Portuguese cuisines.

Types of South African Food

Some types of South African foods that are not as daring as snake meat, such as Biltong, Babotie, and Braai (BBQ) with Boerewors are very popular among the South Africans and many tourists also find them to be very palatable. Biltong (dried and salted meat) is very popular and addictive. It is an essential accompaniment for a road trip or for a rugby match. Maize, which is very popular throughout Africa, forms an essential part of most South African foods. Most communities such as Sotho, Tswana, Zulu or Xhosa have dishes made from Maize but the preparation and taste might be different for each.

Another reason for the wide variety of cuisines prevalent in South African food is the historical aspect. The Dutch East India Company had found the southern tip of Africa to be a convenient stop-over point during their journey to Java for their spice trade. Many other traders from different nations have also either been passing through South Africa or they have settled here, thus leaving a stamp of their own cuisines.

Main Food Items

Moving towards the villages of South Africa, youÂ’ll find that traditional African food is very common. The food of most villagers comprises of curds, milk, whey, boiled green vegetables, beans, peas and cereals. Yams, sweet potatoes and cassava are also essential components of their food. African diet, except for the Muslim areas, cannot be complete without alcoholic beverages. South Africa produces very good quality wines and a tangerine based liqueur by the name of Van Der Hum. South Africans are also great beer drinkers like most other Africans and hardly any meal is complete without it.