Antique Quilt Symbol of Majestic Beauty and Significance

An antique quilt as the name suggests is a quilt that is quite old. These quilts are actually over a hundred years old. There are certain antique quilts that are made from new fabric, but usually these quilts were made from blankets, clothes and other kinds of textiles that were easily found in people's homes.

You can have an antique quilt of any size, shape, pattern or color. Among the antique quilts, you will find the patchwork quilt, which is distinguishable American art form embedded in the background of American national consciousness.


It makes one feel special to have antique quilts at home. The uniqueness attached to these quilts emerges from the fact that the patterns of the antique quilts have in them an essence of art, culture and history of the primitive days. This is also reflected in the stitches of their quilts. This romantic flavor cannot be obtained for a cheap amount, but you will have to loosen the strings of your purse a bit too more if you want to buy an antique quilt.

Unlike the modern quilts, the antique quilts have been able to hold on to the majestic patterns of the gone era and present a simple look. Typically, the antique quilts were handcrafted by women who were experts at embroidering and at crotch. They did this job to keep warm in the winters.

In the olden days, quilts served various purposes. It was a popular practice to gift quilts to the new brides. The newborns quilts were also used to protect against the cold and it had other purposes too.

If you want an antique quilt to grace your house, then you need to look for one at the stores selling antique items. Now, if you are lucky, you might come across a valuable piece of well-kept antique with colored patches. There are quilts that date back to 1740, it is really a great honor to have them. The best quilts among the antique quilts are the African, Victorian and Amish quilts.

Therefore, all you antique quilt collectors, multiply your collection of antique quilts even if the price you have to bear for them is a little too much.

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