Applique Machine Embroidery Designs

Learn to Craft a Quilt with Applique Machine Embroidery Designs

Nowadays, the applique machine embroidery designs are quite popular. They can make your quilt look quite colorful and gorgeous. The technique of applique machine embroidery designs is quite in trend and it is done by sewing different pieces of fabric over a base material. This is done by outlaying or inlaying procedure giving form to beautiful designs and patterns. This is an extremely creative procedure used for decorating a quilt with the application of beads, sequins and other decorative materials. Applique comes in two essential varieties – hand applique and machine applique.

Details on applique machine embroidery designs

Applique machine embroidery designs are quite easily to make and full of enthusiasm. In this kind of applique pattern, it is easy for you to get creative by making use of several stray pieces of fabric, which you find close at hand.

How to craft applique machine embroidery designs

  • First, you should load the applique design into your machine for embroidery.
  • Next, you have to hoop the material on which the finished design has been done. However, the material should be stable for a better finishing.
  • After you have pushed the “Start” button the outline of the fabric first gets stitched on the material. However, the middle portion can be covered later using any colored thread you prefer. It is better to choose a color, which is close to the color of the fabric.
  • Your machine stops automatically after the outline is completed. Then place a piece of applique fabric carefully over the outline. Do you need to position your fabric? Do it carefully by safely removing the hoop of the machine.
  • The next step is to tack the applique fabric down.
  • Then you should remove the hoop and cut away the extra applique fabric from around the tacking stitch.
  • For applique machine embroidery designs after cutting down the fabric, it becomes easy for you to trim off the stray pieces.
  • Next it’s turn for the E stitch and the V stitch which acts as a double check when you are trimming the fabric.
  • After the completion of the second tacking stitch, it is time for your machine to apply the final outline stitch, which is usually a satin stitch. This gives a finishing touch to your quilt fabric.

Go online for help

There are several websites to give you a better understanding of applique machine designs. Here you come to know about several secrets of applique machine embroidery designs, about artistic thread works and several analogies of machine applique stitches.