Art Quilting

Decorate Your Home With The Magic Of Art Quilting

The popularity of art quilting has reached greater heights in recent years with most aspiring men and women in this particular field looking beyond traditional quilting to engage themselves into art quilting. However, to discover the essence of art quilting you need to know more about it.

Details on art quilting

The art quilts enclose all the basic features of a quilt – a layer of batting sandwiched between two layers of fabric and held together with stitching. In general, both an art quilt and a traditional quilt accompany same principles of design and same elements. Both are used for adorning the walls.

However, owing to the nature of the fabric used in art quilting, it can be easily maneuvered or sized into any shape. Its surface design texture and tangible quality are missing in painted art quilt. Moreover, the embellished surface of the art quilt offers additional touch and interest.

The sewing and quilting techniques of art quilt

  • 1 Embellishing art quilt with beading and hand stitching.
  • l You get works on thread – thread painting, free motion embroidery, free motion quilting, bobbin work and couching.
  • l Appliqué designs on the quilts with hand, machine, turned under, fusible, reverse and raw edge.
  • l You can even go for piecing, which mainly involves three forms – straight, curved and strip.
  • l Art quilting also involves several color application techniques like hand-dyeing, tie-dyeing, stamping and fabric painting.
  • l Machine stitching is another form of art quilt and this includes faux hand-quilt, zig-zag, satin-stitch and twin needle.
  • l Works of hand, machine or freestanding embroidery are also available.
  • l You can also do quilting with your hand, machine or free motion.

You can learn the above mention artistic quilting methods from books, live workshops or online classes. It is indeed fun to learn about such art quilt forms with the help of which you can indeed make art of quilting an exemplary form of art. Apart from these, there are innumerable on-line art quilt groups from where you can collect information and resources from art quilters who want to move a step ahead in this particular field.

Additional art quilt techniques

These techniques will help you a lot in creating extraordinary shapes, textures and designs. Some of the methods for art quilting includes:

  • l Photo transfers
  • l Making use of papers and plastics as structural elements
  • l Foiling
  • l Needle felting
  • l Making use of a heat gun to distress fabric

Color, theory and pattern of art quilting

The person who creates art quilts mostly decides the sort of color to be applied in order to enrich art quilting. However, if the quilt is not for the bed, then it can be adorned with non-traditional colors or pattern interpretations. There are fiber artists like Melody Crust and Valerie Page who have always tried to give their art a vision by putting into practice complimentary and contrasting colors in capriciously balanced patterns.

Nowadays, art quilts are provided with nomenclatures and it carries the date of completion as well. This helps in introducing the craft of quilting into the realm of art. Adding a name to the quilt makes it all the more meaningful and this is the point where the works of art quilting becomes a creation par excellence.