RV Boondocking for Beginners – Quilting on Wheels

Camper PillowsImage by Melissa Gutierrez via flickr A Beginner's Guide to RV Boondocking and Textile Art Exploration   Introduction to RV Boondocking Traveling is about discovering the unknown, exploring new cultures, and stepping outside your comfort zone. But what if you could make it even more enriching? Welcome to the world of RV boondocking, a unique [...]

Quilts for Sale

Once a person has fallen in love with hand-made quilts, it’s impossible to stop looking for quilts for sale around every corner. One of the aspects of quilt collecting that makes the endeavor so much fun is that you never know where the next must-have quilt will turn up. There are many retail shops that […]

Quilt Fabric

One very important aspect of designing and making a quilt is to determine which quilt fabric will be used. Since most quilts incorporate many colors and patterns of fabric into the design, it is important to consider which fabrics will complement each other the best. Perhaps the first consideration to make when selecting quilt fabric […]

Quilt Fabrics

Almost anything goes when choosing quilt fabrics but it is important to make sure all fabrics used will work together pleasingly and complement each other. Throughout time, the fabrics used for quilt making have changed as the science of textiles has evolved. There is archaeological evidence that the ancient Egyptians made quilts so the quilt […]

Black Quilt

The American Civil War devastated the country to such an extent that even the victors faced many years of heartache and distress long after the last battle was over. The reach of the war was so long that quilts made in the years following the war reflected the grief and sorrow of the nation. One […]

Quilt Patterns

Quilt patterns are a great way to design a quilt, especially for those of us who enjoy the process of quilting but don’t feel quite so confident of our artistic or creative abilities. Quilt patterns can be purchased in places as diverse as arts and crafts show, quilt shows, crafts stores, resale shops and thrift […]

Quilt Kits

If the prospect of designing, selecting the fabrics for, and constructing a quilt from scratch is such an intimidating idea that no quilts are getting made, in spite of the desire to do so, quilt kits may be the perfect answer to moving from the “I wish” stage to the “I did it” point of […]

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

It’s not likely a quilter sets her (or his) mind to devising a new pattern and giving it a unique, new name right on the spot. It’s more likely that a quilt maker works with fabrics on hand and develops a pleasing way to display them, with patterns that garner particular favor or requests for […]

Quilt Hangers

It’s almost impossible to consider spending a cold, wintry night without a cozy quilt near by but not every quilt is made with comfort from the cold in mind. Many quilts are made to be displayed only, as a form of textile art. When quilts are intended as an art form and not as articles […]

Black Velvet Fabric

To a textile or fashion designer, black velvet fabric represents the ultimate in luxury and good taste. The fabric itself was once reserved for the aristocracy and the color is symbolically significant to peoples from all cultures of the world. To many people, black velvet fabric is one very big deal. To a segment of […]