Baby Quilt

Pamper Your Baby with a Comfy and Cozy Baby Quilt

Like all grown ups, a baby needs to have its own baby quilt or blanket. Baby quilts play the dual role, on one hand it serves as a clean rug that the baby can lie upon and on the other hand it also be used as a blanket to keep the baby warm and comfortable in.

The baby quilt ensures that even if you are not beside your baby, your baby will be playing on something that is warm, safe and very much comfortable. This realization allows you to work with peace of mind. These quilts are especially handy when you are shifting bases, or staying at hotels or visiting someone’s place.

Things to know when making a quilt

One of the most essential things you require to make baby quilt is natural fibers. The best option you have is to use 100% cotton in the quilts; this way there will be less of chemicals and irritants that could harm the sensitive skin of your baby.

The size of the quilt should be managed to a slightly bigger size than the crib of the baby to have extra quilt that can be wrapped around the baby when it is cold and be tucked in when the baby gets bigger.

It may happen that you would like your baby to have a quilt that can be used for a longer time. So, just make sure that the material you are using for making the baby quilt must be resourceful and durable, overcome the dirt effectively, and bear many washes as well as the pulling around.

Getting the right design and color for the quilt

If the baby quilt is for the baby’s bassinet, you will find that the conventional baby colors and patterns will be just appropriate for it. In case, the quilt is for the crib, you can go for something that your baby would appreciate when he/she is 4 or 5 years old. Just try your best to plan a pattern that the kids would love, though kids keep on changing their preferences.

For colors, try to avoid white or pale colors in the baby quilts, as the quilts tend to get dirty and needs lots of washing.

If you think that the baby quilt is only for the infant years and then it can be discarded, you are wrong, as you can have the quilt for a lifetime and it can be a treasure to keep and recollect the fond memories that have surrounded your baby’s early days.