Are You Fortunate Enough To Possess A Log Cabin Quilt

Cabin quilt became extremely popular in America during late 19th century, though its origin can be traced much before. One such cabin quilt depicts motif designs, which is more than 4000 years old. Dating back to history, at a time when the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs were unearthed, small-mummified animals were discovered who were well wrapped with cabin quilt covers.

Appearance of the cabin quilts

Such quilts have classic light and dark patterns having squares of 3/8"-wide "logs" of silk sewn on a kind of backing made from cotton. The perfect usage of light and dark shades of fabric helps in creating a log cabin quilting effect. However, if the fabrics are arranged immaculately then you can witness a mild gradation of color from one square to the other. You can achieve the details of such quilting from an experienced quilter.

The popularity

In America, the quilts of the log cabin variety are designed following the order of arranging logs for building cabins of the bygone days. The quilt design exactly follows the way the logs were tightly attached to each other both in vertical and horizontal patterns. The popularity of the design persists and you can easily find this particular quilt variety in several American homes.

The log cabin pattern of the quilt has become quite a favorite owing to its versatility and simplicity of design. In old log cabin quilt, you will see a red colored square at the center. This symbolizes the hearth of the home. If you ever visit the Illinois State Museum, you can readily have a look at its collection of quilts displaying different patterns of log cabin.

Log Cabin quilts became quite popular in 1863 when the Union Army was busy collecting money for the cause of the Civil War by raffling off such quilts. Another reason for the popularity of log cabin design is the fact that President Abraham Lincoln was born and brought up in a traditional log cabin.

The unusualness in style and variation has made this variety of quilt very popular among the style conscious public of the century. In fact, if you can ever get your hands over a piece of log cabin quilt, then consider yourself fortunate enough to be a possessor of this rare piece.

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