Cat Quilt

Have A Cat Quilt At Home And See Everyone Go Gaga Over It

A cat quilt pattern is a wall hanging that has three appliquéd cats looking at a flower garden outside the window and at the same time also keeps a watch on the butterflies that have flown indoors.

The blocks in the cat quilt are akin to the attic windows; the only exception is that the blocks have four metered frames instead of two. The blocks in this lovely quilt are filled with the floral scraps in the watercolor style. If you prefer to have more visual depth, then it is better for you to make use of some frame fabrics with slightly more value differences.

What you need

To get started with the cat quilt, you will be requiring fabrics like floral scraps (5/8 yards of assorted fabrics), dark frames (5/8 yard) and medium light frames (5/8 yard).

You also need to have appliqués for the butterfly and of course, the cat prints on the quilt. For getting the cats on your quilt, you will need to have 3 very dark prints, which measure 9"x9" each approximately; for getting the flying butterflies, you will again need 3 prints that measure 3"x3" each approximately.

For the finishing, you need a backing of 1 yard, a 160" double-fold binding and a 36"x42" thin batting.

Cat and Butterfly appliqué pieces

The appliqué cat and butterfly pieces do not have a seam allowance. Begin with the appliqué work by cutting one crouching cat from dark fabric. Your next step will be to turn the pattern over and cut out a similar image of a crouching cat.

Keep cutting as many butterflies as you want from a printed fabric, leaving a seam allowance.

For the cat quilt, you can also make templates for the number of cats and butterflies as will be required for the appliqué technique that you want to use. Your final step will be to turn under edges and appliqué to the quilt; you can do this either by hand or by the machine.

The cat quilt will look very pretty in your bedroom, so get set in making it and adorning your bedroom.