African American Health

African American Health News on the African American health front is not very good. The numbers of black people suffering from varied ailments are constantly on the rise. There are enough statistical evidences that reveal that the numbers of African American patients are on the rise and the mortality rate has also multiplied dramatically. African […]

African American Cruises

African American Cruises Sail across the blue waters and savor every moment of your experience on the African American cruises. The customized theme cruises promise to pamper you with all the luxuries – from soul food to lavish accommodation, jazz, R&B music concerts, disc jockeys, bid whist and even basketball games. Why should you go […]

African American Travel

African American Travel The African American travel agencies are offering bountiful opportunities to the thousands of eager tourists from round the world, to delve into the cultural past and present of the African Americans. The African influence is touching every corner of the globe, accelerating the popularity growth of the African lands amongst the other […]

African American TV

African American TV Programs Are Popular The World Over The African American TV has made an indelible mark on the television in America. Since the evolution of television, the African American directors, actors, newsmen, producers, innovators and women have been contributing their talents. The African Americans were engaged in enlightening, entertaining and inspiring the television […]

African American Artists

African American Artists The African American Art is the result of the creative instincts of the African American people, who were mainly the African slaves transported from West and Central Africa. The majority of the earliest African American artists were the slave artisans working as potters, blacksmiths, cabinetmakers, quilters, basket makers and silversmiths. With the […]

African American Veracular English

African American Vernacular English African American Vernacular English (AAVE) is a dialect of American Standard English spoken by many black Americans. Sociolinguists call it Black English Vernacular or Vernacular Black English. Among the non-academic community AAVE is known as Ebonics. African American Vernacular English is now a subject of much debate regarding its affiliations to […]

African American Websites

African American Websites Regardless of what its critics say, the internet is an outstanding resource for gathering information on a mind-boggling array of information. True, not all the information found on the internet is legitimate, savory, or truthful but it doesn’t take a lot of insight or research to separate the wheat from the chaff. […]

African American Wedding Accessories

Know About The Interesting African American Wedding Accessories The African American wedding accessories are quite popular in the United States and other countries which have embraced people from all over the world. The wedding accessories marking the African American traditions were actually pretty interesting. The various wedding accessories The broom, (no you did not read […]

African American Wedding Cake Toppers

African American Wedding Cake Toppers Cake toppers that feature an African American bride and groom are the African American wedding cake toppers. A wedding cake topper is a small model of the bride and groom in the wedding attire that is made to sit atop the wedding cake. All About The African American Wedding Cake […]

African American Wedding Hairstyles

African American Wedding Hairstyles Here it comes. The big day. The really, really big day. And it’s all about you. Every eye in the wedding chapel will be looking at you, the beautiful bride. The center of attention, the focus of the event. This is probably the biggest day of your whole life. No doubt […]