African Textile

No one knows who made the first African textile, or when, but the oldest cloth fragments found on the continent date back thousands of years. Some of the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs contain remnants of the African textile materials the mummified remains were wrapped in and this cloth dates back almost five thousand years. […]

Africa Fabric

When one considers the many wonders that come from the continent of Africa fabric of brightly colored design comes quickly to mind. Perhaps the most well known African fabric is kente cloth, made by men and women of the Ashanti people in Ghana since the 12th century. This very representative Africa fabric was originally the […]

African Fabric

In a land as vast and diverse as Africa, it should come as no surprise to learn that traditional African fabric is also diverse and comes in a vast array of materials embellished with a diverse assortment of decorative techniques. In fact, someone knowledgeable of African textiles can easily identify the region of origin just […]

African Fabrics

Of all traditional African fabrics worn as clothing around the world, it is perhaps the bogolanfini that has gained more universal favor across racial and ethnic lines than all others. Bogolanfini is the black and white fabric historically associated with the Bambara of Mali in West Africa. Sometimes called bogolan, these lovely African fabrics are […]

African Quilt

The folk arts in early American history were heavily influenced by the slave trade, with many slaves exhibiting outstanding skills and talents that quickly became valued by the white population of the time. Of the many art forms that came to this country because of the slave trade, African quilt making is perhaps one of […]

African Quilts

There’s a certain charm found in so-called African quilts, those made by Americans who used the influence of their African heritage to craft, design, and decorate these works that are both useful and a delight to the eye. This influence is limited, however, to the African quilts made for personal use. Many of the early […]

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog The African wild dog, a mammal related to the domestic dog, can only be found in Africa, particularly in areas that are lightly wooded or have scrub foliage. Its Latin name is Lycaon Pictus, which means Painted Wolf. The name is apt, since the African wild dog is distinct in that each […]

African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs African wild dogs are a species unique to Africa and are perhaps best known for their social behaviour patterns. In appearance, the wild dog is about the same size as a German Shepherd with a distinct, mottled coat pattern. They have long legs and large ears, both of which have been adapted […]

Central African Republic

Central African Republic The Central African Republic is an African country, which is landlocked on all sides with countries like Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo on its borders. It was under French rule until 1960, after which it was ruled by a series of presidents […]

South African Art

The Splendor Of South African Art South African art lies at the point where African art usually started. This you can best understand from the cave and rock paintings of South African Bushmen whose aim was to give you an impression of how they used to hunt animals at that point of time. What is […]