African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot If you’re looking for a long-term companion from the animal kingdom, there is almost nothing more entertaining than having an African grey parrot in the house. These remarkable birds are beautiful to look at and their high level of intelligence will keep you entertained for years. African grey parrots are from the […]

African Sleeping Sickness

African Sleeping Sickness African sleeping sickness is a generic term that applies to two very dreadful diseases that plague sub-Sahara Africa. Both diseases, officially called African trypanosomiasis, are caused by infestation of a protozoa transmitted by the tsetse fly. Sixty million people living in 36 African countries are at risk. One particular strain of protozoa […]

African Violet Pots

African Violet Pots It’s just not true that only old ladies can grow African violets. Women of all ages, and men, too, can grow a flourishing garden of these tropical beauties. As long as they know the secret. That secret is to plant these delightful plants only in specially designed African violet pots. Gardening success […]

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog The African wild dog, a mammal related to the domestic dog, can only be found in Africa, particularly in areas that are lightly wooded or have scrub foliage. Its Latin name is Lycaon Pictus, which means Painted Wolf. The name is apt, since the African wild dog is distinct in that each […]

African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs African wild dogs are a species unique to Africa and are perhaps best known for their social behaviour patterns. In appearance, the wild dog is about the same size as a German Shepherd with a distinct, mottled coat pattern. They have long legs and large ears, both of which have been adapted […]

Central African Republic

Central African Republic The Central African Republic is an African country, which is landlocked on all sides with countries like Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo on its borders. It was under French rule until 1960, after which it was ruled by a series of presidents […]

South African Art

The Splendor Of South African Art South African art lies at the point where African art usually started. This you can best understand from the cave and rock paintings of South African Bushmen whose aim was to give you an impression of how they used to hunt animals at that point of time. What is […]

South African Airlnes

South African Airlines South African Airlines is South Africa’s biggest airline company that operates both the domestic and international sectors. It has hubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town. There are two airline services controlled by South African Airlines which are South African Airways (SAA) and SAFAIR. South African Airways (SAA) South African Airlines has been […]

South African Airways

South African Airways South African Airways, which was founded in 1934, has greatly expanded its services during the past seven decades and it is now operating flights to almost all continents in this world including North America, South America Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Great Incentives From South African Airways South African Airways offer many […]

South African Beadwork

South African Beadwork South African beadwork is on e of the most treasured artistic heritage of the country. Beadwork, full of vivid pattern and color, is one of the most compelling art forms there. This tradition has survived to the modern day, despite disappearance of much of their other cultural traditions due to Western influence. […]