South African Airlnes

South African Airlines South African Airlines is South Africa¬ís biggest airline company that operates both the domestic and international sectors. It has hubs in Johannesburg and Cape Town. There are two airline services controlled by South African Airlines which are South African Airways (SAA) and SAFAIR. South African Airways (SAA) South African Airlines has been […]

South African Airways

South African Airways South African Airways, which was founded in 1934, has greatly expanded its services during the past seven decades and it is now operating flights to almost all continents in this world including North America, South America Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Great Incentives From South African Airways South African Airways offer many […]

South African Beadwork

South African Beadwork South African beadwork is on e of the most treasured artistic heritage of the country. Beadwork, full of vivid pattern and color, is one of the most compelling art forms there. This tradition has survived to the modern day, despite disappearance of much of their other cultural traditions due to Western influence. […]

African Glass Beads

African Glass Beads African glass beads are used in African beadwork. Decorative and small beads are pierced for threading or stringing. The beads can also be stuck to a surface like clay and fabric. These beads find importance in African culture and they look pretty when they honor a celebration or a funeral. The beads […]

South African Pictures

South African Pictures When we speak about South African pictures, we generally mean South African art. South African art originates from the cave and rock paintings created by the South African Bushmen – this was the ideal way of exhibiting the hunting of animals in those days. Many scholars are of the opinion that the […]

Traditional African Music

Traditional African Music Traditional African music occupies an important position in traditional African culture as it is indispensable in any ceremonial function, ritual or social event. It is seen as a link between the tangible world and the invisible world. The melodies of traditional African music mostly fall within the scales of four, five, six […]

African Culture

African Culture The African continent is home to more than 800 million people living in more than 50 countries that occupy a land mass that covers one-fifth of the Earth¬ís surface. Ongoing research in any number of the Earth sciences repeatedly points to Africa as the birthplace of humanity. Is there any wonder African culture […]

West African Textiles

West African Textiles West African textiles are best known for its beauty blended with impeccable decoration style. The inspiration to design fabulous textiles comes from their culture and spiritual world in almost all the items Africans make. Besides textiles, they are popular for their mastery in making pendants, spoons, carved calabashes, gold weights, pottery and […]

African Art Paintings

African Art Paintings The African art paintings are considered the most colorful and meaningful and most surprisingly, this style of art come from the dark continent of Africa. The paintings depict the real life story of the Africans and their culture and tradition. The subject matter of the African art paintings revolve round the rural […]

African Art Pictures

African Art Pictures African art pictures bring out the essence of the colorful life of this Dark Continent. The paintings depict the real story of the African struggle and culture. The aesthetic beauty of wildlife is reflected in most of the paintings, and this brings to life the vibrant African continent. The Aesthetic Beauty of […]