Quilting Machine

Make Quilts Effortlessly With a Quilting Machine If you wish to save time for making quilts, then quilting machine is our best bet. A machine makes quilting much faster and convenient, which is why more and more quilters are adopting the machines. Our life has become much faster where machine has a predominant role to […]

Quilting Patterns

Quilting Patterns a Blend of Comfort and Elegance Quilting patterns are great stuffs, as they not only help you in keeping warm but also enhance the décor of your bedroom. A quilt has the ability to turn your room into a comfort zone. The most common form of quilting includes a quilt top, a layer […]

Quilting Quilt

The Essence of Quilting Quilt Quilting quilt is a form of craft that has served as a means of earning for many people down the centuries. Earlier, almost anything was used for quilting quilt, from scraps of material to quality fabrics. However, in the course of time, several quilt designs came into being. Eventually these […]

Quilt Labels

How Quilt Labels are Important for Specific Identification of Your Work The purpose of quilt labels is to record the history of the quilt by noting down the name of the quilt maker and its date of completion. Most of the time, quilt labels come with short descriptive passages stating a brief story of the […]

Quilt Machine

How to Create Fabulous Quilts with a Quilt Machine A quilt machine provides a great way to make the entire quilting process smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, you will have consistency when you get a quilt done with the help of the machine. With a machine at your service, you would have no worries about misaligned […]

Quilt Rack

Enhance Your Home’s Décor with a Quilt Rack A quilt rack provides the best way to display your quilt with utmost perfection. The racks are available in various shapes, forms, sizes and colors. A typical quilt rack is a stand alone, which comes with two or three rods for the proper displaying of two or […]

Quilt Racks

Flaunt Your Lovely Quilts on Bedecked Quilt Racks If you are proud of your quilts and want to add it to your room’s décor, display them on the quilt racks. Gone are the days when you would be stashing away your lovely looking quilts in closed cupboards. Today, you have the option of getting a […]

Paper Piecing Patterns

A Guide to Paper Piecing Patterns Paper piecing is the technique used by quilters to get accurate seams when small pieces of fabrics are joined to create a particular design. Paper piecing patterns are drawn on a foundation, which is often paper. The fabric pieces are then sewn in the required order. Each piece is […]

Quilting Tips and Techniques

Discover Quilting Tips and Techniques A quilt is far more than simply a blanket. It is a work of, if not art, certainly high craft, involving the intricacies of the art of stitching, color coordination and design piecing. Beginners, therefore, would initially find quilting work to be too demanding and difficult. However, the beginners can […]

Hand Quilting

Things you must know about Hand Quilting Hand quilting today, is a reminder of countless women of yesteryears, who had to make many necessary things for daily use, such as, clothes, bed linens and quilts since there were no modern markets then. In devoting their time, energy and skills to quilting these women left masterpieces […]