Patchwork Quilt Patterns

Create Patchwork Quilt Patterns That Pulls All Eyes Essentially the patchwork quilt patterns have a top layer that is made of fabric pieces sewn together to make a pattern or design. This design of quilting does not always follow the lines of patchwork designing. If you have some leftover scraps of fabric, you can use […]

Rotary Cutting

A Guide To Rotary Cutting Rotary cutting is a method to cut a large number of fabric pieces quickly and accurately. Rotary cutters are available in two sizes. The bigger rotary cutters are preferred for all rotary cutting. The smaller rotary cutters are used for cutting and trimming. What are the tools needed? Rotary cutting […]

Punch Needle

How to Be a Master with Punch Needle Punch Needle embroidery well known for its traditional background has gained popularity in recent times. There was a time when grandmother’s worked with a punch needle and the craze for such quilting continues. There are several quilters nurturing a liking for punch needle for working on quilts. […]

Quilt Bindings

The Art of Quilt Binding Quilt binding is the last step before making sure that the quilt is completely finished. There are several ways to do quilt binding. You can give the quilt a double fold binding, which is also referred to as French fold binding. However, the other binding options include single fold binding, […]

Quilt Art

Quilt Art Is a Special Form of Art Quilt art is the other name for art quilting, with special artistic forms that makes use of conventional techniques of quilting to produce several objects of art. Those who are involved with quilt art create forms based on their imagery, experiences and ideas, rather than emphasizing on […]

Wedding Dress Quilts

Specialty of Wedding Dress Quilts To put it simply – wedding dress quilts are those made by designing your old wedding dresses. You can even name these quilts as anniversary or wedding dress quilt. This is a good way of commemorating your marriage and other special events. What happens in most cases is that after […]

Quilt Book

A Quilt Book Is The Best Way To Learn Quilting On Your Own A quilt book is much in demand today, as quilts are no more covering item, rather they have turned into a significant art form. So, if you love artistic activities, you may also grow a liking for quilting. Now, how would you […]

Quilting Fabric

Choosing the Most Suitable Quilting Fabric If you desire to posses a quality quilt then you have to choose a superb quilting fabric to have the work done in style. Some of the leading quilting fabric varieties include white cotton sheeting, cotton print, silk and many more. Not only the quality of the fabric, the […]

Quilting Machine

Make Quilts Effortlessly With a Quilting Machine If you wish to save time for making quilts, then quilting machine is our best bet. A machine makes quilting much faster and convenient, which is why more and more quilters are adopting the machines. Our life has become much faster where machine has a predominant role to […]

Quilting Patterns

Quilting Patterns a Blend of Comfort and Elegance Quilting patterns are great stuffs, as they not only help you in keeping warm but also enhance the décor of your bedroom. A quilt has the ability to turn your room into a comfort zone. The most common form of quilting includes a quilt top, a layer […]