Quilt Racks

Flaunt Your Lovely Quilts on Bedecked Quilt Racks If you are proud of your quilts and want to add it to your room’s décor, display them on the quilt racks. Gone are the days when you would be stashing away your lovely looking quilts in closed cupboards. Today, you have the option of getting a […]

Paper Piecing Patterns

A Guide to Paper Piecing Patterns Paper piecing is the technique used by quilters to get accurate seams when small pieces of fabrics are joined to create a particular design. Paper piecing patterns are drawn on a foundation, which is often paper. The fabric pieces are then sewn in the required order. Each piece is […]

Quilting Tips and Techniques

Discover Quilting Tips and Techniques A quilt is far more than simply a blanket. It is a work of, if not art, certainly high craft, involving the intricacies of the art of stitching, color coordination and design piecing. Beginners, therefore, would initially find quilting work to be too demanding and difficult. However, the beginners can […]

Hand Quilting

Things you must know about Hand Quilting Hand quilting today, is a reminder of countless women of yesteryears, who had to make many necessary things for daily use, such as, clothes, bed linens and quilts since there were no modern markets then. In devoting their time, energy and skills to quilting these women left masterpieces […]

Machine Quilting

Things You Must Know About Machine Quilting Machine quilting as the term suggests is quilting done by using various machines and tools. Quilters often prefer machine quilting to hand quilting when tops are to be quilted, since the work is done faster. For the more artistically inclined quilters, machine quilting is a means to express […]

Patchwork Quilt Patterns

Create Patchwork Quilt Patterns That Pulls All Eyes Essentially the patchwork quilt patterns have a top layer that is made of fabric pieces sewn together to make a pattern or design. This design of quilting does not always follow the lines of patchwork designing. If you have some leftover scraps of fabric, you can use […]

Rotary Cutting

A Guide To Rotary Cutting Rotary cutting is a method to cut a large number of fabric pieces quickly and accurately. Rotary cutters are available in two sizes. The bigger rotary cutters are preferred for all rotary cutting. The smaller rotary cutters are used for cutting and trimming. What are the tools needed? Rotary cutting […]

Punch Needle

How to Be a Master with Punch Needle Punch Needle embroidery well known for its traditional background has gained popularity in recent times. There was a time when grandmother’s worked with a punch needle and the craze for such quilting continues. There are several quilters nurturing a liking for punch needle for working on quilts. […]

Quilt Bindings

The Art of Quilt Binding Quilt binding is the last step before making sure that the quilt is completely finished. There are several ways to do quilt binding. You can give the quilt a double fold binding, which is also referred to as French fold binding. However, the other binding options include single fold binding, […]

Cat Quilt

Have A Cat Quilt At Home And See Everyone Go Gaga Over It A cat quilt pattern is a wall hanging that has three appliquéd cats looking at a flower garden outside the window and at the same time also keeps a watch on the butterflies that have flown indoors. The blocks in the cat […]