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Ethnic Quilt & Textile Related Resources Art Resources Essays; Paintings; Poetry; Short Stories; (Quilt Related – Ethnic Perspective) Quilting Exhibits (Current and Future) Ethnic Books & Publications Quilting / Textile Lesson Plans (Quilt Related – Ethnic Perspective) Ethnic Cooperatives (Quilting and Textile) Quilt Networking (Bulletin Board; Guilds; Online Networking; News & Notes; Lectures; Retreats/Workshops; Symposiums) […]

Ethnic Fabrics

Ethnic Fabrics [No Affiliation with any of these Shops] Adire Africa Textiles: Exceptional variety of collector quality African textiles, including Adire, Adinkra, Bogolan, Aso Oke, Ewe, Kente, Kuba and Nigerian cloths. Site also includes extensive information about the textiles including how they are manufactured, historic uses, and meanings of various symbols and patterns. Africa Imports: […]

Ethnic Cooperatives

Artes Del Valle: This is a women’s craft cooperative which sells the women’s products in a Catholic church in San Luis Valley, Colorado. Artes sells a wide variety of items, especially those using traditional Spanish and Indian weaving and embroidery such as woven coasters, runners, embroidered tissue holders and skirts, as well as jewelry and […]

Ethnic Books and Publications

Ethnic Books and Publications Choose Based on Categories: Africa Hmong Pacific Islanders African-American India Phillipines Australia / New Zealand Indonesia South America China Japan Ethnic Coloring Books Haiti Kuna Ethnic Paper Dolls Hawaii Native American Ethnic Story Books Design / Pattern

Internet Resources

Each of the following is a free service that is very easy to access and use Blue Mountain Arts: Good place to find ethnic and general e-mail post cards to send to friends. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Once you subscribe you’ll receive a daily (or just weekend if that’s your option) e-mail with an […]

Quilting Exhibits

Current Exhibits May 20, 1999 – September 18, 1999 September 25, 1999 (Closing Date extended by a week) A Communion of the Spirits: African-American Quilters, Preservers, and Their Stories The Martin Luther King, Jr. Performing and Cultural Arts Complex Columbus, OH This exhibit incorporates 200 of the photographs (many encased in quilted frames), 15 quilts […]

Quilting Resources

COMPREHENSIVE SITES with Susan Druding: This is the most comprehensive and well organized site developed as an information resource for quilters that can be found. Information about anything and everything is here ranging from "Printing on Fabric" to "Stained Glass Quilting" to "How to Applique". Planet Patchwork: Articles, as well as product, book and […]

Online Quilting Lessons

There are now many sites that make available a lot of very useful information for both the beginner and advanced quilter. What is offered ranges from templates for specific block patterns, to detailed instructions for complete quilts, to the "how to’s" that can be so valuable (e.g., how to quick-piece flying geese…add borders…miter corners…make continuous […]

Multi-Cultural Resources

MULTICULTURAL RESOURCES Anti-Racist Action Network : This is the statement of this organization¬ís mission taken from the website: ¬ďAnti-Racist Action is an international movement of people dedicated to stopping racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry from harming our communities. We work hard to "expose, oppose, and confront" hate in whatever form threatens the […]

African American Resources

African-American Holocaust: Developed by Milford F. Plaines, this is an incredibly powerful and gut-wrenching site. It contains actual pictures taken at lynchings in Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska. They are explicit and graphic. To move through the site, you will find the "next" button at the very bottom of each page. Continue clicking "next" even when […]