African American Resources

African-American Holocaust: Developed by Milford F. Plaines, this is an incredibly powerful and gut-wrenching site. It contains actual pictures taken at lynchings in Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska. They are explicit and graphic. To move through the site, you will find the "next" button at the very bottom of each page. Continue clicking "next" even when […]

Quilting Videos

NOTE: In addition to trying the Addall Used and Out-of-Print Search site on the Resources Page, university libraries, or university art and textile departments with dedicated libraries probably offer the best option for finding out-of-print videos. Faith Ringgold: Last Story Quilt 28 minutes. Winner of the 1992 CINE Golden Eagle Award – In this video, […]

Quilt Ethnic Mission Statement

Quilt Ethnic Mission Statement To provide information about diversity, creativity and artistry in quilting and textile traditions among African-Americans and other ethnic groups. As I began ferreting out African-American quilt-related web sites and resource information consistently, I also began to accumulate an amazing amount of information about the quilting and textile traditions of other ethnic […]

Art Resources

Here you will find links to various art forms (painting, poetry, essays, short stories) that use quilt related themes from an ethnic perspective. Essays Paintings Poetry Short Stories Essays “Appalacian Artistry: Quilting Co-op Provides Vital Income for West Virginia Craftswomen”: Published in the March/April 1998 issue of Rural Cooperatives, pp 25-27 (University of Wisconsin Center […]