Native American Indians

Native American Indians The history and culture of the Native American Indians forms a larger part of everyday life than most people realize. Many of their customs and habits relating to food, jewelry, art and even the words we use can be traced back to the Native American Indians. In fact, many people today probably […]

Native American Tattoos

Native American Tattoos You cannot think of Native American culture minus tattoos. Native American tattoos had a special role to play in the lifestyle of Indian tribes. They were incorporated for certain reasons, the chief one being the identification of different tribes and rendering specific powers to the tribe members. How Tattoos Were Incorporated? The […]

Native American Tribe

Native American Tribe The Native American tribes were peace-loving group of people who maintained a strong bond with their children and family members. Family and friends were given huge importance in Native American life. Tribe of Nature Lovers One of the most important relationships of the Native American tribe was that with nature. In fact, […]

Nativer American Rattles

Make And Play The Native American Rattles The native American rattles enjoy a significant position when it comes to the native American music. The main percussion instruments that the native Americans use are the rattles and the drums. There are different kinds of rattles that are in turn made from a variety of materials and […]

Native American Tribes

Native American Tribes There were not one, but hundreds of Native American Tribes existing over time. Many of these tribes resided in North America. Most of the tribes were known by their location. For instance, the Eskimo tribe was popular as sub artic tribes. There were groups of Native American Tribes living in California and […]

Native American Regalia

Native American Regalia A Native American dancer’s attire is the most esteemed Native American Regalia. These Regalia have been passed on from generation to generation and are considered a valuable possession. When a Native American dancer wants to be noticed for a specific style at the powwow, the Native American Regalia are what they don. […]

Native American History

Native American History Native American history is perhaps one of the most glorious yet tragic histories in the world. Though the Native American people still exist today, the last few centuries have seen these once proud people reduced to ragged remnants of their original tribes, relegated to reservations and struggling with problems like poverty, alcoholism […]

Native American Pow Wow

Native American Pow Wow Music, dance, and lots of food, AND the drum – this is a Native American Pow Wow! What Is It? Native American Pow Wow is a social event where swarms of Native Americans gather to carry forward their ancestral tradition of music and dance. The event starts with the procession of […]